Ferrari 355 Service Guide

Ferrari 355 Service Guide

Ferrari F355 Service & Maintenance Guide

Looking for Beverly Hills Ferrari Service, Repair & Maintenance? You’ve come to the right place!

The Ferrari 355 is an Italian manufactured sports car that was produced between the years of 1994 and 1999. This Ferrari was the predecessor to the Ferrari 360 while being produced after the Ferrari 348. While creating the Ferrari 355, Ferrari focused on significant performance upgrades while also offering drivability across a wider range of different environments.

The original option that was offered at launch was the Berlinetta, followed by the Spider and the GTS that were available from 1995. Ferrari also offered 355 Challenge and Limited Edition Foriano models of the Ferrari 355.

This Ferrari is notorious for being the first production automobile to feature paddle shifters with an electro-hydraulic manual transmission in the models during and after 1997.

This led to the name change of the Ferrari F355 to the Ferrari 355 F1 for the models that were produced with the paddle shifter option.

This Ferrari 355 Service Guide provides a recommended maintenance schedule, so that owners can keep their beautiful Italian exotic in as best condition as possible. Preventative maintenance is key in extending the longevity of the vehicle, as well as avoiding any costly repairs from neglect.

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Ferrari F355 Interior

Engine, Oil, Transmission, Clutch

 The Ferrari 355 features a newly introduced 3.5 litre 5-valve cylinder head V8 engine. The Ferrari Tipo F129b was the engine used in the Ferrari 355, producing 380 horsepower at 8250 rpm. The 355 uses a dry sump oiling system in addition to having a Motronic system that controls the electronic fuel injection and ignition systems with a single spark plug cylinder.

For the models that do not feature the electro-hydraulic manual transmission paddle shifter option, the car utilizes a standard 6-speed manual transmission.

Here are the parts required to perform a Ferrari F355 Oil Change and filter replacement suggested to be done every 1,500 miles or at least once a year (which ever comes first).

197654 Oil Filter
178959 Oil sump plug
10261860 Oil sump plug crush washer
10300771 Oil tank plug (Hill Engineering equivalent)
10257060 Oil tank plug crush washer

The Ferrari 355 Service Guide Recommends These Maintenance Intervals:

Every 10,000 Miles:

  • Inspect/Potential adjusting of Alternator, Water Pump, Air Conditioning Compressor, Power Steering Pump, and Drive Belts
  • Replace Engine Oil change and Filter replacement at least once a year or 1200-1500 miles
  • Inspect/Potential adjusting of Camshaft drive belts
  • Inspect Cooling system connections and hoses
  • Inspect Lines and Connections of fuel injection system
  • Inspect Clutch, and Power Steering fluid levels (bleed if necessary)
  • Inspect Brake System: Pipes/Hoses, Calipers, Connections: Inspection of warning lights on dashboard; Operation of the handbrake
  • Inspect State of wear of braking surfaces (discs, pads) change if necessary
  • Inspect Front and Rear suspension joints and their tightening
  • Inspect/Tighten screws, nuts, and bolts (including those on the exhaust system), connections, clips and strips in general
  • Inspect Battery: state of charge, connections and electrolyte level
  • Inspect Control and adjuster in general, hinges, doors, front bonnet, and engine bonnet
  • Inspect Correct operation and securing of seats and seat belts
  • Inspect tightness of screws and bolts on the body work
  • Inspect Headlights and make proper adjustments
  • Perform Car road test (if necessary) and wheel nuts tightening

Ferrari F355 Gauge Cluster

Every 15,000 Miles:

  • Replace Air filters
  • Inspect Brake Pads, Rotors & Flush Brake Fluid
  • Inspect Ignition System, Wires, and Connections
  • Replace Gearbox/Differential Oil Level
  • Inspect Steering components, joint protection and gaiters on the steering rack on the steering levers and on the drive shafts
  • Inspect Climate control system (replace refrigerant and filter every 2 years), compressor oil level
  • Inspect Suspension geometry
  • Inspect and protect the chassis (Every 2 years)

Ferrari F355 Clutch Service

Every 30,000 Miles:

  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Inspect Crankcase Emission Control System
  • Inspect Air Injection System: Valves, Lines, and Connections
  • Inspect Exhaust System By-Pass Valve
  • Inspect starter motor, current drain, and alternator charge

Ferrari F355 Spark Plug Change

Every 45,000 Miles:

  • Inspect Fuel Evaporative Emission Control System: Valves, Lines, and Connections

Every 90,000 Miles:

  • Replace Charcoal Canister and Oxygen Sensors

In order to make sure that all components are working as they should, the vehicle owner needs to get a visual inspection of the entire vehicle during each service. This includes inspecting for any leaks or accelerated wear and tear.

Note that the Ferrari 355 Service Guide is recommending these tips if the car is driven regularly on public roads. If the vehicle is tracked, wear and tear will be accelerated and should be serviced earlier and more frequently than the schedule outlined above.

Brakes, Rotors, Pads, Fluid

The standard brakes that come on a Ferrari 355 are upgraded 14’ Brembo brakes (which are carried over from the Ferrari F40).

At GI Automotive, we utilize factory parts and tools to make sure your brakes are properly checked and adjusted. It is very important to check your brakes regularly by a service provider to make sure that your fluids are at the proper level.

The Ferrari 355 Service Guide recommends that the brakes be inspected at least every annual service. Only heat- resistant DOT-4 brake fluid is recommended to be used.

Ferrari F355 Brake and Rotor

Tires, Suspension, & Alignment 

Tires are a very important aspect that owners tend to overlook. The difference between a car with proper tires and a car with cheap tires is enormous.

Acceleration, braking, handling, and even ride quality is affected by the type of tire on the car. The Ferrari 355 comes on a stock tire size of:

  • FRONT TIRES: 225/40ZR/18
  • REAR TIRES: 265/40ZR/18

Tire wear can vary greatly on how the vehicle is driven, however, other factors such as suspension geometry, tire pressures and driving environment can also affect tire wear.

GI Automotive has a wide selection of tires that fit the Ferrari 355 and we would be happy to consult on the perfect one for your driving needs.

Suspension geometry and set-up is a crucial aspect in regards to not only tire wear, but how the car behaves while driving.

Regular alignment checks will help keep the tire wearing even and keep the car behaving as the superb engineers in Maranello Italy intended it to.

The Ferrari 355 Service Guide recommends that camber, caster, toe, and height be adjusted to OEM spec, or a custom specification if necessary.

The suspension should also be inspected annually for any leaks, cracks, or play. The active suspension should be checked for calibration and proper operation as well. This also includes a physical inspection of the springs and dampers.

Other aspects that many Ferrari collectors or buyers overlook is that most of the high-performance rubber components (brushings, hoses, brake & vacuum lines, coolant & heating hoses) start to degrade naturally after 10 years. This happens even if a Ferrari was sitting in proper storage. It’s prudent that you have a full inspection done on the car in order to closely look for any signs of rubber degrading that might fail while driving. Any hoses or brushings that might look slightly worn will fail sooner than you think after the 10-year period.

The Ferrari 355 is a wonderful car to both own and drive. Make sure you check out our Ferrari 360 Service Guide if you are thinking of upgrading your Ferrari 355 or curious to know the Ferrari 360 manufacturer service required and annual intervals.

With proper maintenance and care, it has proven to be a reliable Ferrari.

GI Automotive offers extremely competitive part resourcing and Ferrari trained mechanics to keep your Ferrari 355 in top shape.

Contact us for a quote or come visit us to experience our professional service and competitive pricing for all your Ferrari needs.

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