Aston Martin Service and Maintenance in Beverly Hills

Aston Martin Service and Maintenance in Beverly Hills

Aston Martin Service Beverly Hills

Luxury vehicles come with luxury price tags, but there are some amazing benefits you aren’t going to get with your standard car. Enter Amber Blonigan and her high-end vehicle service and repair facility, GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills! You invested a lot when you purchased the high-end Aston Martin.

Whether you’ve had yours a while or it’s a new acquisition, at GI Automotive Group, we treat your luxury car as if it were one of our own!

Expensive dealership visits are a thing of the past as Gi Automotive Group specializes and provides Beverly Hills Aston Martin Service & Repair.

Our founder Amber Blonigan is no stranger to luxury high-end vehicles like the Aston Martin, and many more. She has been an avid luxury car enthusiast and daily driver for many years. So much so, that she created a specialized facility where like minded people can bring their luxury vehicles in for a large variety of world-class car care services and repairs without having to pay over priced dealership service & maintenance fees.

We can even install Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for your Aston Martin right here at our shop. If you have a brand new Aston Martin Vantage, DB11 or DBS we can install it in the same day while you wait in our customer lounge.  If you have an older Vantage, DB9 or Rapide we can have your Apple CarPlay or Android Auto system installed in a day if you leave your vehicle with us overnight.

Make sure you check out our Apple CarPlay Aston Martin Vantage conversion we recently completed for one of our clients! It looks and works just as if Aston Martin offered this option to you from the start.

If you are looking for Beverly Hills Aston Martin service and repair, don’t let the fact that GI Automotive Group is female owned fool you.

We have earned our reputation as Beverly Hills favorite luxury exotic car service and repair facility (in business for 15 years under the same name) for a reason and we know how to service and repair Aston Martin just as well as the dealerships but for a fraction of the price.

Click here to find more information about our car care and repair services at GI Automotive Group!

Aston Martin Vantage Service

Why get Aston Martin service and maintenance at GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills?

Why service your Aston Martin with GI Automotive Group. It is a rational question that many individuals will ask. There aren’t that many reputable places in the Beverly Hills area that can provide manufacturer trained services (aside from over priced dealerships). We love Aston Martins and regularly service, maintain and upgrade these hand-built British exotics.

Check out our Aston Martin DB9 Service Guide or our Aston Martin Vantage Service Guide and check back for upcoming models we are adding to these informative posts.

No one wants to be without their vehicle, it causes frustration and anxiety. That’s why you want to take your vehicle to a place where the focus is on quick, quality service, getting you and your Aston Martin back on the road as soon as possible.

Our technicians at GI Automotive Group are always up front about how long it will take to provide the service your Aston Martin will require, and we will ensure that you are back behind the wheel with as little delay and inconvenience as necessary.

When you bring your Aston Martin to us for service and maintenance in Beverly Hills, you can take advantage of our luxurious lounge while you wait. If you are used to the luxury and comfort of your Aston Marion while driving it, then why not wait in the same comfort and luxury while it’s being worked on?

Enjoy reading luxury magazines or trying on driving shoes from Piloti.

It is no wonder that we have become the first choice service and repair facility for high profile clients like Caitlyn Jenner, Ethan Cutkosky, and Robert Downey Jr!

Relax on our comfortable leather couches and chairs while you sip on a Nespresso.

Amber Blonigan has created a space of luxury and comfort at GI Automotive Group, and it doesn’t stop when you hand your keys over to us for Aston Martin service and maintenance!

If you are looking for the highest quality Aston Martin service and maintenance in the Beverly Hills area, bring it to where the celebs and high profiles bring their vehicles!

Click here to find our GI Automotive group contact information or to schedule a service appointment!


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