Audi Brake Pad Servicing in Beverly Hills

Audi Brake Pad Servicing in Beverly Hills

Audi R8 Brake Service Beverly Hills

Having brakes serviced is a necessary part of maintaining a vehicle, no matter what type of automobile you have.

Brake services are slightly different for every make and model, though. Audi brake pad servicing in Beverly Hills can be found at GI Automotive Group!

We specialize in car care and services for high-end luxury cars like Audi, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, and many more! GI Automotive Group was founded by Amber Blonigan in 2004, and since then we have grown into a facility with a great reputation, and a first choice service and repair facility for high profile clients like Caitlyn Jenner, Ethan Cutkosky, and Robert Downey Jr!

Our manufacturer trained technicians use all the same parts and computers as the major dealers use, therefore, we can administer Audi brake pad servicing with of the highest possible quality in Beverly Hills!

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Audi R8 Brake Pad Service

If you are an Audi owner, when should you bring it in for brake pad servicing?…

There are two types of automotive brakes: pads and rotors, and drums. Most Audis have at least one set of pads and rotors.

Pads and rotors should be serviced as soon as the brakes begin to squeak or sound different. By bringing in a vehicle as soon as its brakes start squeaking, drivers can reduce the likelihood that their Audi’s rotors will need to be replaced. Pads and rotors usually begin squeaking when the pads become thin or the rotor begins to warp. As long as the pads are replaced before they become too thin, the rotors usually don’t have to be replaced because they won’t be as worn as if you let your worn out brake pads kill them.

Replace your Audi rotors when necessary…

While replacing rotors increases the cost of any brake service, they should be replaced if they’re worn or warped. Not replacing rotors that should be replaced can lead to reduced performance and longer braking distances. In certain situations, this could cause an accident, which would certainly cost more than replacing rotors that are old.

Audi R8 Beverly Hills Brake Service


Don’t forget about brake fluid either!…

According to Audi’s recommended maintenance schedule, its vehicles’ brake fluid should be replaced every two years (regardless of mileage). Thus, to keep their vehicles running, or more accurately, stopping properly, drivers should plan on paying for this service at a reputable and professional shop like GI Automotive Group! If you have an Audi R8 you can lean more in our Audi R8 Service Guide that will list your maintenance service schedule based on mileage and age of car.

When it comes time for Audi brake pad servicing in Beverly Hills, there is only one place where you should take it, GI Automotive Group! Enjoy our luxury lounge with high end furniture, magazines, and coffee options while you wait! Amber Blonigan has created an environment at GI Automotive Group where Audi owners, and high-end luxury vehicle owners alike, can bring their cars into for world-class car care and repair services in Beverly Hills!

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