Aston Martin Brake Pad Service in Beverly Hills

Aston Martin Brake Pad Service in Beverly Hills

Aston Martin Brake Pad Service Beverly Hills

Aston-Martin brake pad service in Beverly Hills shouldn’t have to to cost as much as the dealerships leading you to believe. GI Automotive Group is proof that quality brake pad service for your Aston-Martin is does not cost thousands of dollars that your dealerships will have you believe.

GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills has over 15 years of experience in delivering quality brake pad service for Aston-Martins such as DB7, DB9, DB11, Vanquish, DBS, Vantage, and Rapide.  Here at Gi Automotive group, we are Beverly Hills Aston Martin Service & Maintenance specialists.

We have been servicing Beverly Hills and our surrounding area Aston Martin clients for over 15 years. We save our Aston Martin clients hundreds of dollars (and thousands of dollars on big repairs) every visit no matter what the service, repair or maintenance needs to be done.


From oil changes, brake pads & fluid changes, spark plug, coolant flushes, tires, clutches and air filter changes our factory trained technicians will ensure your Aston Martin is well maintained and running like new every year.

Keeping your Aston Martin well maintained will reduce your chances of high maintenance bills in the long run!

GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills has the tools and expertise to service and maintain Aston-Martin brake systems, including pads and rotors (both ceramic and steel). Our reputation as a first class facility has attracted clients such as Ethan Cutkosky, Caitlyn Jenner, and Robert Downey Jr!

The high quality Aston-Martin brake service that GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills is able to deliver comes down to our manufacturer trained technicians having the exact same OEM parts and tools to finish the job correctly and consistently every time.

We are able to charge a lot less than the dealerships due to our low overhead costs, while maintaining the same quality service you come to expect from high-end dealerships.

Aston Martin Brake Service Frequency & Timing

Aston Martin Brake Service Frequency

If you are an Aston-Martin owner, when should you bring it in for a brake service?

In the event of an emergency, your brakes are of the utmost importance in brining your Aston-Martin to a stop. The ability to stop as quickly as possible can literally save your life, or the lives of those around you. It is then vital that owners recognize the signs of brake wear before it’s too late. A worn set of pads or rotors greatly increases stopping distance, and as a direct correlation, increases the likelihood of a collision.

One of the most obvious signs for the need of a brake service is a high-pitched noise or squeal when applying the brakes. This is an engineered safety mechanism in the brakes, known as the Brake Wear Indicators, and serves as an auditory warning to the driver that their brake pads are due for a replacement. Another sign of brake wear is a vibrating sensation coming from the brake pedal when it is depressed. This usually means that the brake disc rotors are starting to warp and need replacement. It is important that the brakes are checked on a regular basis to catch any sign of premature or heavy wear and tear.

Aston Martin Beverly Hills Service

We inspect both the brake rotors and pads so they you know how much life Is left in your Aston-Martin’s brakes. A written estimate on recommendations and options to repair your brakes, as well as a clear explanation of each recommendation.

Many newer Aston-Martin models use carbon-ceramic brake pads and rotors, such as the DBS Superleggera and the DB11. These typically last a lot longer than the conventional steel-iron set-up of other models, however the cost is significantly higher when they eventually do need a replacement. Regular inspections of the brakes can catch any signs of carbon-ceramic pads and rotor wear so that you won’t needlessly have to spend thousands of dollars to replace them.

GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills can service your Aston-Martin brake pads and rotors whether they are conventional steel-iron types or if they are carbon-ceramics. We have experience in many vintage and newer model Aston-Martins.


Aston Martin Brake Fluid Flush

Aston-Martin usually recommends through their maintenance schedule that the brake fluid be changed every year or 10,000 miles, which ever comes first, for most of their lineup. This is to ensure that there is no moisture, air, or dirt in the system that could cause corrosion or loss of braking performance. GI Automotive Group has experience in Aston-Martin’s annual brake fluid flush, and we do it for much cheaper than the dealer!

Aston Martin Brake Fluid Flush Service in Beverly Hills

Stop by for a quick brake check up or service. We offer same day turnaround for Aston-Martin brake pad servicing in Beverly Hills.

Proper brake maintenance and care is imperative to your driving safety, as well as those around you. This is why we recommend annual brake inspections for your Aston-Martin.

Call GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills 310-220-4002 today and schedule your annual Aston-Martin brake fluid flush or brake pad and rotor replacement!


Aston Martin Apple CarPlay + Android Auto

Aston Martin Brake Pads Service Beverly Hills

Did you know that Gi Automotive Group can install Apple CarPlay + Android Auto with a plug and play solution into the following Aston Martins? We recently completed the Apple CarPlay + Android Auto installation on two cars pictured above. An Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante and a brand new Aston Martin DBS.

Take full control of your digital, music and maps navigation by bypassing the original and dated Infotainment system in even the newest Aston Martin Models!

Read All About it here Apple CarPlay & Android Auto For Aston Martin Give us a call for a quote to transform your boring Aston Martin Infotainment unit into a Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatible system! It’s plug and play and can be removed at anytime.

We are able to install AppleCarPlay and Android Auto conversions into the following Aston Martin models:

  • 2004-2015 – Aston Martin DB9
    2005-2020 – Aston Martin Vantage (V8, V12 + Current Model)
    2008-2020 – Aston Martin DBS (including DBS Superleggera)
    2010-2015 – Aston Martin Rapide
    2013-2017 – Aston Martin Vanquish (Generation 2)

Aston Martin Apple CarPlay Android Auto

Top Image: Apple CarPlay (Wireless) installed on a 2020 Aston Martin DBS

Apple CarPlay Google Maps Aston Martin Vantage

Top Image: Apple CarPlay + Android Auto Installed on Aston Martin V8 Vantage 

We will also provide you with a FREE inspection and provide you with a FREE report of any signs of further wear and tear on your Aston Martin that you should know about before it becomes an expensive repair.


Aston Martin Vantage GT Oil Change Beverly Hills 

Make sure you check out our Aston Martin DB9 Service Guide or our Aston Martin Vantage Service guide in order to ensure you are keeping your Aston Martin properly maintained and serviced according to the Aston Martin factory specifications!

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