Ferrari Brake Pad Service in Beverly Hills

Ferrari Brake Pad Service in Beverly Hills

Ferrari brake pad service in Beverly Hills shouldn’t have to to cost as much as the dealerships leading you to believe. GI Automotive Group is proof that quality brake pad service for your Ferrari is does not cost thousands of dollars that your dealerships will have you believe.

GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills has over 15 years of experience in delivering quality brake pad service for Ferrari such as 348, 355, 350, F430, Testarossa, 458, 488, 599, FF and GTC4 Lusso.  Here at Gi Automotive group, we are specialists.

We have been servicing Beverly Hills and our surrounding area Ferrari clients for over 15 years. We save our FerrRI clients hundreds of dollars (and thousands of dollars on big repairs) every visit no matter what the service, repair or maintenance needs to be done.

Amber Blonigan is no stranger to Ferraris. Since opening the doors to her high profile shop, GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills, countless high-end luxury automobiles such as Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren, Aston-Martin, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, and many more have been serviced and maintained by the GI Family.  Our reputation as a first class facility has attracted clients such as Ethan Cutkosky, Caitlyn Jenner, and Robert Downey Jr!

GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills has the tools and expertise to service and maintain Ferrari brake systems, including pads and rotors (both ceramic and steel).


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How are we able to deliver the highest quality brake servicing for Ferrari? Our OEM trained technicians use the same tools, parts, and computers as the dealerships. Here’s the secret though: We do it at a fraction of their price!

If you are a Ferrari owner, when should you bring it in for a brake service?

The first tell-tale sign of worn out brakes is noise from the Break Wear Indicators. This sound can be a squeaking or screeching sound heard when pressing the brake pedal. This is a built-in safety feature within the braking system meant to audibly alert the driver that the brakes are worn and due for servicing. If serviced immediately, the wear on the brakes are usually only due for a pad change. However, if left unchanged, the worn brake pads can wear the brake rotors as well, causing them to warp and need replacement. You will eventually feel a pulsating through the brake pedal, meaning that the rotor has been warped. Quite importantly, a worn set of pads and rotors reduces braking distance, greatly increasing the likelihood of a collision. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you check your brakes regularly, and service your Ferrari’s brakes when necessary.

Beverly Hills Ferrari Service, Repair & Maintenance

We inspect both the brake rotors and pads so they you know how much life Is left in your Ferrari’s brakes. A written estimate on recommendations and options to repair your brakes, as well as a clear explanation of each recommendations.

Many newer Ferrari models use carbon-ceramic brake pads and rotors, such as the 458 Italia and the F12 Berlinetta. These typically last a lot longer than the conventional steel-iron set-up of other models, however the cost is significantly higher when they eventually do need a replacement. Typically, carbon ceramics last the lifetime of a low mileage example, however tracking your Ferrari will wear them out quicker than usual.

Beverly Hills Ferrari 458 Service & Repair

GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills can service your Ferrari brake pads and rotors whether they are conventional steel-iron types or if they are carbon-ceramics. We have experience in many vintage and newer model Ferraris such as 355, 360 Modena, 458 Italia, 488 GTB, 550 Marenello, 575M, F12 Berlinetta, 599 GTB, California, and FF. Click Here if you want to learn more about brake servicing.

Don’t forget about brake fluid either…

Ferrari usually recommends through their maintenance schedule that the brake fluid be changed every year, regardless of mileage, for most of their lineup. This is to ensure that there is no moisture, air, or dirt in the system that could cause corrosion or loss of braking performance. GI Automotive Group has experience in Ferrari’s annual brake fluid flush, and we do it for much cheaper than the dealer! 

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Stop by for a quick brake check up or service. We offer a 24-48 hour service turn around time for brake servicing your Ferrari.

Proper brake maintenance and care is imperative to your driving safety, as well as those around you. This is why we recommend annual brake inspections for your Ferrari

Call GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills today and schedule your annual Ferrari brake fluid flush or brake pad and rotor replacement!

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