Lamborghini Service & Maintenance in Beverly Hills

Lamborghini Service & Maintenance in Beverly Hills

Did you know that Beverly Hills Lamborghini Service, Repair & Maintenance doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank at the dealership every time you need it to service your Lamborghini?!?

Having maintained many Lamborghinis over the last 15 years, Gi Automotive Group in Beverly Hills knows the ins and outs of all Lamborghini models and their respective service required.  The Raging Bull is definitely one of our favourite brands to work with!

Beverly Hills Lamborghini Aventador Brake Pad Services

Founded in 2004 by Amber Blonigan (who also own a white Lamborghini Murcielago LP640), Gi Automotive Group has undeniably established itself as Beverly Hills’ favourite and most trusted luxury exotic car service and repair facility.

Beverly Hills Lamborghini Gallardo Repair & Service

We have gained our reputation by providing the highest quality work you can find at a fraction of the cost of what you would expect to pay at a dealership. We specialize in brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston-Martin, Porsche, McLaren, and many more!

Lamborghini Murcielago Brake Service Beverly Hills

Whether it has a V8, V10, or a V12, your Lamborghini is in the best of hands with our highly-trained technicians and staff. Our clients have been trusting us for over 15 years with their flagship exotics because we have proven time and time again our commitment to the highest standard in customer service.

Lamborghini Service & Maintenance in Beverly Hills:

  • Oil Changes
  • Brake Pads, Rotors & Fluid Change
  • Coolant Flushes
  • AC Diagnostic & Recharge
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Engine, Transmission & Turbo Rebuilding
  • Collision & Insurance Claims
  • Tires & Alignments
  • Exhausts & Suspension upgrades

Some of the most popular Lamborghini models that we have serviced include Daily Driven Exotics’ 6-Speed Manual Lamborghini Murcielago LP670, as well as their VF Supercharged Lamborghini Gallardo Super Squadra Corsa not to mention many other celebrities and long time clients.

Lamborghini Urus Brake Service Beverly Hills

Gi Automotive Group in Beverly Hill has technicians that are highly trained to complete routine maintenance such as oil & filter changes, brake services, clutch replacements, and fluid flushes, as well as more complex repair issues including rebuilding engines and transmissions and electrical diagnoses. No matter the situation, we have you covered!

Lamborghini owners are unquestionably automotive enthusiasts. The brand of the Raging Bull attracts the hearts from kids to adults alike with their over the top styling and drama. You will not be surprised then that Gi Automotive Group has a staff that is full of Lamborghini enthusiasts. We absolutely love keeping each and every single one of them running perfectly for their owners.

Some of the models that we have had the privilege of servicing and maintaining over the last 15 years include Huracan, Gallardo, Aventador, Murcielago, Urus, Diablo, and Countach. If it has a angry bull on the badge, we will service it!

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Give us a call to ensure you are properly servicing you Lamborghini annually according to Lamborghini’s factory specifications. Doing so will reduce the amount of visits to fix your car and also the cost of each visit. A simple oil & coolant change coupled with our FREE inspection (to monitor Tire, Brakes and Clutch wear) is all you need to do in order to keep your Lamborghini in the best possible shape every year.

Why Visit Gi Automotive Group in Beverly Hills?

Lamborghini has a reputation of making only the highest calibre of exotic sports cars. So its only fitting that you take your Lamborghini to a service facility that also provides the highest calibre of work and customer service. Gi Automotive Group is the premier facility in Beverly Hills for your Lamborghini, providing the absolute best service possible for less than the dealer!

Beverly Hills Lamborghini Gallardo Repair & Service

Our expertise in Lamborghinis is only eclipsed by our love for the brand itself. It’s always a treat when we get to work on the famous and beautifully engineered Bizzarini V12, that was used from the 1963 Lamborghini 350GT all the way the 2010 Murcielago SuperVeloce.

We definitely do our share of Lamborghini Brake Pads & Rotor Service in Beverly Hills ensuring that our clients drive the safest Lamborghinis and that their brakes are operating like new at all times to stop these rocket ships!

The inconvenience of not being able to drive your vehicle is not one we take lightly at GI Automotive Group. Another subject that we don’t take lightly is your trust. Therefore, our technicians will always be upfront with the cost and duration of your service.

Lamborghini Huracan Tires Beverly Hills

Our focus is on quick and quality service so that your Lamborghini is back on the road with minimal delay and no unexpected returns.

If you choose to wait while your Lamborghini is being serviced, please feel free to take advantage of Gi Automotive Group’s relaxing and luxurious customer lounge. Our philosophy is to take care of the owners just as much as we do their cars. The customer lounge is a space only fitting to owners used to the comfort of their luxury vehicles.

Sip on a Nespresso while you relax in one of our comfortable plush leather couches or chairs in the lounge. We have a variety of lifestyle magazines to browse through, as well as a Piloti section to try on the latest in fashionable driving shoes.

Gi Automotive Group Customer Lounge Beverly Hills

Our high-profile and celebrity clientele includes Robert Downey Jr., Caitlyn Jenner, and Ethan Cutkosky, among many other. They keep coming back because they know that they receive the highest of quality services from GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills.

Bring in your Lamborghini to GI Automotive Group in Beverly Hills where the celebrities go for the highest quality in service and maintenance.

Give us a call 310-220-4002 today for a quote any any Lamborghini Service, Maintenance & Repair you might need or just come in for a FREE Inspection where we will outline and show you exactly what needs to be replaced, or what might need to be replaced in the near future!

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