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Gi Automotive Group offers professional mechanic services for luxury & exotic car brake pads, rotors, fluid as well as brake calliper customization in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Century City, Belair, Westwood. Whether you have a brand-new luxury or exotic vehicle or an older classic, we have all the top brake pads, rotors, fluids and calliper customization options available to properly service your vehicles brake systems to the exact manufacturer specifications. 

We specialize in all brake services for Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Audi & Mercedes AMG. Gi Automotive group professionally services Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas West Hollywood, Century City, Belair, Westwood with the most convenient brake services to keep your vehicle stopping safely. We offer free brake inspections to determine what work, your luxury or exotic vehicle needs to ensure proper safe braking as if it were new. 

Once we inspect your vehicles brake system, we will explain any problem areas as well as our recommendations and options to repair your brakes, and what it will cost to fix with a written estimate. We only perform the brake repair and replacement services you authorize us to do. 

So whether it’s just brake pads, rotors or a brake fluid flush you need, you will only pay for the services that you need to keep your vehicle safe and braking as if it were new!



When you visit Gi Automotive group for a brake service inspection, our mechanics will inspect the amount of life left in your vehicles brake pads and brake rotors and fluid to let you know if they need replacing immediately, or how soon they will need replacing based on your driving habits.

We will provide you with our recommendations and options to replace your brake pads and rotors, and flush your brake fluid if need and what it will cost to fix with a written estimate. Once we have scheduled your vehicles brake service and order the correct brake pads, rotors and fluid we will get to work.

We will put your vehicle on our hoist, remove the old brake pads and rotors and drain out all the old brake fluid. We will install brand new brake pads, rotors, refill and bleed your brake fluid with the exact amount and type of pads, rotors and fluid specified by your vehicle manufacturer or per your request.


The answer to this question all depends on what make and model of vehicle you drive as well as how hard you drive and brake while behind the wheel of your vehicle. It is not safe to wait until you hear noises from your brakes or a feeling that your car isn’t stopping as well as it used to.

Guidance from most automotive manufacturers as well as brake pads and rotors manufacturers suggest replacing your brake pads and rotors between 25,000-50,000 miles. Yes this is quite the range. 

To ensure your luxury or exotic car stops during any condition on the road as if it were brand new requires replacing the brake pads and rotors at the same time. Next to your tires, your vehicles braking system is the most important safety system that needs to be maintained in full working order to keep you and others on the road safe. Between specific vehicle brake system engineering and your unique driving and braking habits it’s hard to accurately guess how long your brake pads and rotors will last you.

We’ve serviced many Maserati Ghibli’s and Porsche Cayennes that require their brake pads and rotors to be replaced in 10,000-15,000 miles with normal city driving. This is just how these vehicles were designed by Maserati. Gi Automotive can inspect your brake pads and rotors and with your input of how many miles you’ve already put on your vehicle provide you with an estimate of how worn your brake pads or rotors are.

Some vehicle owners can get 75,000 miles out of their brake pads and rotors because of their low speed driving habits and light brake pressure applied to bring their vehicle to a stop.

Some vehicle owners get less than 25,000 miles out of their original brake pads and rotors because of their high speed highway habits and aggressive braking style to bring the vehicle to a stop. To be safe we at GI Automotive Group suggest you have your brake pads and rotors visually inspected twice a year or every 10,000 miles to ensure your luxury or exotic is equipped with the safest brake pads, rotors and fluid, especially if you do lots of high speed or highway driving.

We offer 24h-48hr service turn around time for luxury and exotic vehicles, so stop by for a quick brake pad and rotor inspection and Gi Automotive Group will provide you with a free brake system inspection to determine the condition of your brake pads and rotors.

Proper brake maintenance and care is essential to your driving safety as well as pedestrians and others on the road, which is why we recommend annual brake inspections for your luxury or exotic car.

Give Gi Automotive Group a call TODAY and schedule your annual brake fluid flush or brake pads and rotor replacement!



The brake fluid in your brake system is extremely important as it connects and amplifies your brake pedals action to the actual brake pads which squeeze your rotors to slow you down. Without it you wouldn’t be able to brake! Moisture, heat, and dust from regular driving or storage can significantly impact your vehicles brake performance and lead to costly repairs or unnecessary accidents.

It’s crucial to have your luxury or exotic car vehicle’s brake fluid flushed by Gi Automotive Group in Beverly Hills on a regular basis. For regular luxury cars, under normal driving conditions manufacturers recommend doing a brake fluid flush every 2 years or 20,000 miles. 

However for exotic cars or high performance sports cars, regardless of their driving conditions or mileage, manufacturers recommend doing a brake fluid flush every year as part of your vehicles annual service maintenance. Once again, you can see there is a wide range of “suggested time or mileage” depending on the type of car you have to ensure your brake fluid is performing properly.

Many luxury and exotic car owners who don’t regularly drive the cars in their collection aren’t aware that they need to have their brake fluid flushed every year regardless of the miles put on their exotic car.



Despite common belief, carbon ceramic brake rotors do not last for ever. Yes they do help you stop much quicker, are generally used for track cars and generate way less brake dust and keep your wheels looking cleaner longer, but they do not last forever. While you might not have to replace your carbon ceramic rotors for 5 to 10 years ($15k-$30k), you will have to replace your carbon ceramic brake pads as they still wear down and become less effective at stopping your vehicle over time.

Some manufacturers recommend replacing your carbon ceramic brake pads when they get 50% worn in order to extend the life of your carbon ceramic rotors. Depending on the manufacturer service recommendations, your braking habits and if you track your luxury or exotic car will dictate when you might need to replace your carbon ceramic rotors.

Due to the extreme heat generated while braking hard with carbon ceramic rotors, they all have a lifespan to them. The steel or titanium hardware attaching the carbon ceramic rotor to the hub wears down over time when it is cycled with heat over and over.

Some manufacturers suggest replacing them every 100,000 miles others make you replace them when your luxury or exotic car brake system monitoring system tells you to. Gi Automotive Group has serviced and replaced carbon ceramic brakes and rotors on most luxury and exotic cars and will be able to educate you on the maintenance and servicing of your vehicles carbon ceramic brake system.



Sometimes brake noise is an immediate warning sign that your brakes pads and rotors need to be replaced ASAP. Other times, there may not be anything wrong at all. Brakes that make noise when they’re fairly new are extremely frustrating, annoying and embarrassing.

Most if not all carbon ceramic brakes will squeal at some point of their life, it’s just how they are designed for maximum stopping power on the track no matter what aftermarket brake pad you install. Some of the most common issues for luxury or exotic cars that experience brake squeal with steel rotors (when they shouldn’t be by design) include:

1. Replacing the brake pads and not the brake rotors in order to save money. As old brake rotors wear down they sometimes become “glazed” due to excessive heat and uneven wear from hard stopping.

Gi Automotive Group recommends replacing the brake pads and rotors when they are due for servicing. This is the only way to ensure that your vehicle is maintained as if it were brand new from the manufacturer.

2. Cheaper aftermarket brake pads and rotors are also sometimes the culprit even if you buy ones that say “squeal free”, sometimes they last for months or years without any noise then all of a sudden they wear down and start to squeal.

Gi Automotive Group offers a wide range of aftermarket brake pads and rotors upgrades for your luxury or exotic car, however keep in mind that variances in manufacturing from batch to batch and your driving habits can sometimes result in brake squeal.

3. Stuck brake pads and rotors. If you’ve waiting too long to get your brakes inspected sometimes one or more of your brake pads could be mis-aligned and pressed up against the rotor at all times. When this happens the brake pad is always touching the brake rotor while driving (which it shouldn’t) which results in over heating that brakes down the brake pad and glazes the rotor which ultimately results in less effective braking and brake squeal.

4. Improper brake pads and rotor installation. When brake pads are replaced they come with anti-rattle clips, pad insulation (silicon gel) and shims. If the installation of your brake pads aren’t done properly with the insulation and shims, then you are more likely prone to generate brake squeal at some point down the road.

Gi Automotive Group will ensure your vehicle is properly and professionally serviced no matter what service we perform to ensure everything is installed correctly for everyones safety and peace and quiet when you’re on the road.



In addition to changing your stock wheels to some new aftermarket ones, the next quickest and most noticeable customization is to powder coat your brake calipers. We offer 2-3 day powder coating turn around time for luxury and exotic vehicles.


When you visit Gi Automotive group to powder coat your brake calipers, our mechanics will inspect your brake system prior to removing your calipers and let you know how worn your brake pads and rotors are. We will then remove your brake fluid (yes you get a free brake fluid flush) and remove your brake calipers.

The calipers will be stripped down of all mounting hardware, brake lines and brake pads then cleaned before we send them off to our professional powder coating facility. We can add any graphics to your freshly powder coated calipers and finish them with a high temperature clear coat in order to retain the original logo (Ferrari, Lamborghini, AMG etc)

Give Gi Automotive Group a call TODAY for an immediate quote on the phone to powder coat your luxury or exotic car brake calipers and add a splash of colour to your vehicle!