Vinyl Wraps Paint Protection Films


GI Automotive specializes in numerous forms of auto styling methods. This includes full color and advertising wraps in concert with applying Xpel Clear Bra Paint Protection Film. Come in to get a quote detailing exactly what you would like to do to your special vehicle! We offer a whole array of different auto customizing technologies to help your car stand out look exactly how you have dreamed!



GI Automotive works directly with companies such as Avery Dennison and 3M to provide the best product to apply to your car. Color Change Wraps offer you an alternative to your stock paint, and also provides a thin layer of vinyl protection while also allowing you to make your car look just the way you want!

There are distinct color options and textures when it comes to wrapping your car. Some of these variations in textures include gloss, matte and satin finishes, all of which can be applied on top of your factory paint and removed at any time. We also offer options for advertisement wraps to be applied to your vehicle.

Come in today to work with our creative team to get your car looking unique and special to your liking.



Your vehicle is at constant risk of being scratched, scraped, or chipped, so protect it with a sheet of Xpel Clear Bra covering the surface. The more you wait, the more your car is at risk of being damaged by a environmental factors, so why not protect your car with Xpel?

Xpel Clear Bra Paint Protection Film is a clear, urethane film that can be applied to protect the paint of your automobile.

We offer both the Xpel Ultimate Plus Package and the Xpel Stealth Package at GI Automotive.

Please give us a call to discuss the details. Both products will provide a thin clear engineered plastic layer of protection over the paint of your car.

Xpel Ultimate Plus is our standard protective film applied to most gloss painted cars, while the Stealth finish is applied to those with matte finishes. Note: You can also apply Xpel Stealth to gloss painted cars which will result in a satin finish look of your gloss paint!

Instead of having to make costly payments to fix your car’s paint, come in and get it protected by Xpel ahead of time!



GI Automotive provides many dealerships with their blackout packages.  To create this look of everything being black wheels, badges, logos, chrome trim, we install a layer of black vinyl over the factory non-black trim pieces, giving your automobile a fully blacked-out look that is always on trend globally.

We offer different finishes of chrome delete for any part that isn’t black on your car including satin, gloss, or matte black all of which are there to compliment the paint of your vehicle.



Performance car windshields are susceptible to damage, which is very costly and time-consuming. Some exotic cars even have month backorder times for their windshields. Don’t sacrifice driving your exotic or luxury car simply because you didn’t want to protect it with a clear layer of film. These clear windshield protection films help against the sandblasting that happens at high speeds and especially car rallies.

GI Automotive offers Clearplex windshield protection to avoid and reduce the expensive replacement of your windshield due to cracks and chips.

Clearplex adds a strong layer of protection over your windshield which is completely invisible. Clearplex is designed to absorb impact of objects (road debris & rocks) that contact your windshield and may result in unnecessary damages. Protect your windshield before it costs you money and downtime with your favorite car.



Don’t forget the final step in making your car look exactly how you want it. GI Automotive offers wheel & caliper powder coating to customize your wheels and calipers to your exact color specifications. We offer a top tier powder coating process making the powder coated paint on your rims as durable as the factory paint. In addition, we offer multiple brake caliper colors using only the highest quality, professional paint.

Give us a call today to get a quote for any Vinyl, Clear Bra or Powder Coating customizing you want to make on your luxury or exotic car.